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From The Heart

When I was putting this issue together I thought of cabin fever and took Fam & Ily on a shopping trip to Hansen Foods in Suttons Bay. We were mostly looking at root veggies for stews and soups. I always have fun on their photoshoot adventures. Taking them out of their bag and unwrapping them from the bubble wrap sometimes garners looks and smiles from other folks who may be around. Our little glass traveling gnomes have had quite an exciting life. One of the places I wanted to take them was on our backpacking camping trip to North Manitou Island; however, it wasn’t feasible to include them in our needed list of supplies for the three-day trip. And there was the real fear of breakage on the voyage.

I’m excited about returning to North Manitou again this summer to take up exploring other parts of the island we did not get to before. We set up our base camp just south of the schoolhouse site about a half mile from the village and dock. Going past the school and Cottage Row daily to refill our water had me retracing steps my grandmother and her sisters made. In their youth they attended that school because my great grandmother and grandfather lived on the island.

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Laura Lee Kalchik

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