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From The Heart

Summer is winding down or just winding up whatever way you choose to look at it. I guess for me it is winding up: we have a visit coming up with our grandsons and they will see the annual Dog Parade, we have a family reunion with relatives coming from California and Las Vegas, a camping adventure on North Manitou Island, a family kayak trip down the lower Platte River with Riverside Canoe Trips, caring for our perennial gardens, Friday evening Music in the Park, and visiting beaches we missed earlier.

The sun is rising later, and I seem to be getting up earlier. I am writing this while sitting on my front porch as the east light pierces in, as does a breeze from the bay. Hydrangeas in rose pink and billowy white surround my reading (writing) chair in the corner. I see the daisies, tall and nodding in the front garden. their petals have drooped and are fading. I will need to clip them down later today. For them summer is over. Other flowers will hold down the fort.

We have a summer getting over story on page 7 by a young summer Glen Arbor resident. Her winter (school home) is in another state and the transition between the two places is hard when leaving friends is involved. She shares her experience in a heartfelt way and through all the changes she relies on her dog as a steadfast companion. She is pictured with one of her dogs. Pets are friends.

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Laura Lee Kalchik

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