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From The Heart

It seems as summer arrives I am always thinking about the same things: getting annual and veggie plants and actually putting them in, camping nearby and on South Manitou, kayaking on the Platte River, family time, farm markets, eating sour cherries from the tree, a better walking regime, cole slaw (my go to dish to pass at potlucks-2 gatherings already), grilling foods, and more. Basically, it is the same thing every summer and I know it goes by fast. So every year my summer fun issue From the Heart mentions things relating to the fleeting season…

Enjoy your summer and have fun with the planning. This issue has an On the Water story on page 5 which includes some of the many choices you have available for taking a water outing. I am fortunate to have the pleasure of experiencing almost all these excursions, sometimes more than once. What fun.

Thank you for reading and have a safe and fun filled summer.

Laura Lee Kalchik

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