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Laura Kalchiknew

Our Dec/Jan issue is packed with holiday stories. Each story or column that came in gave me a jumpstart to being in the spirit of the season. Another jumpstart to the spirit is that my husband and I joined the Village Voices of Northport. For weeks, we have been walking around our house singing one of the concert selections, Christmas Time is Here (and soon it will be). There are many holiday happenings slated in our area, check out our Santa and Song feature to view a few of them.

A Grand Perspective is back. Each issue’s column will be assigned to a guest grandparent. This edition our writer “Grammy” (as she is called) is Pat Kajdan from Ludington. Pat wrote the column “Through Child’s Eyes,” which ran in the first issue of Families First Monthly (May 2000) and for a several years after. I know you will enjoy her humorous outlook about gifting.

Thank you for reading Families First Monthly. Have a blessed holiday season, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Laura Lee Kalchik

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