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Hello Readers,

Winter has been fairly mild this year yet the white has settled in regardless. And it is February and March after all and that is what snow does around here-settle.

The annual party-planning issue features wedding stories, birthday stories and stories about parties in general such as “Cheers for Cherries” and “Smile and Say Cheese.” It was fun to put this issue together and to see all the smiling happy people in the photos.

The last wedding I attended was on a glorious September day (2014) in Oregon. The backdrop was the Pacific Ocean near Seal Rock and just before my son and new daughter-in-law began their official casual endearing ceremony two gray whales danced and spouted just off shore where the foam formed. It was a reverent nod from the ocean creatures to the beautiful union affirmed there. After Reverend Troy stamped the papers we all enjoyed a fiesta. They had picked up mucho Latin American fare from their favorite local café and it was presented to a beach house full of happy guests. After and during the continued feasting we enjoyed and evening of karaoke. What is a good party without music? That, and cake and pies and perpetual feasting.

Enjoy your own special gatherings—be the flair.

Laura Lee Kalcik



Jason and Delaina play for pictures on their wedding day

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