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Our winter transition into spring is different than anything I’ve known. And as this virus and the somber effects of it swirl around this globe nature gives us traditional gifts of a season change: blooming snow drops and crocus, red-winged blackbirds and grackles, bobbin’ robins, honking Canada Geese, and more. My neighbor collected running sap from his maples, made syrup and filled many jars. When we are pressed to do what is right for our fellows most of us heed the call. I have been calling some people in our community who I know to be alone just to check in and so they can have a conversation about whatever is on their minds. Making connections is so important during this time of isolation.

Our household is doing some things differently now. The house is cleaner than we kept it previously, although my hobby area is piled up more. When I work on miniature dioramas it is a mini-escape for me. Our food planning has been regimented so that we can gain three meals where before there would have been two. We got four meals from our corned beef boiled dinner. We also have been exchanging meals in to go containers with my brother in law. We visit with each other at our door keeping a safe distance. I have a wooden apple crate that was from my father’s fruit farm on our porch as a drop box. I am using less of things. We take walks (more than before) and bring a bag for trash we find along our way. I want to keep up all the good habits that come out of this. To CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE

Laura Lee Kalchik

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