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With this issue Families First Monthly turns 15.

Laura Kalchiknew

I couldn’t be more pleased. In our first issue (May of 2000 -we were a monthly then)there was a story about the Great Lakes Children’s Museum when their exhibits were traveling. Also included were stories about the BMX Bike course, Interlochen Summer Arts

Festival, the dangers of huffing, Exposures 2000, Chocolate & Chip, Healthy Living and Julie Chai had a beautiful Blessings of Spring column (In This Moment has been with us from the beginning).

With all the ongoing changes in our area there is still a wealth of stories to cover or revisit. Some come from organizations that have a great message or from professionals who share with us knowledge of their field. And then there are the artist and nature stories.  From the beginning I have been committed to giving readers family-related topics from fun, friendly, and lighthearted to sometimes frightening (elder abuse column in this issue for example). And Families First Monthly will continue to provide parents, grandparents, extended family, and the greater Grand Traverse community with quality submissions.

Thank you to all the Families First Monthly writers and designers.
And to all our advertisers a big thank you; because of your support this publication is available to everyone free of charge. And thanks to you (everyone) for reading.

Happy Mothers Day and a special Happy to my mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, and daughter-in-law.

Laura Lee Kalchik

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