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One of the things I like about getting Families First Monthly together for print is finding photos for stories. Sometimes photos I took work well. I realized something as I was searching through photos from my past and decided to use a few of my former stepson Samuel – my life has had wonderful children in it and it continues.  Although Samuel is no longer my stepson officially, he always has my heart. I had wonderful mothering and friend moments with him. There are so many photos of our happy times together. Now when he comes to see his father for extended summer visits he spends a few days with me.

My family has changed over the past fifteen years. When I started the paper I readily used photos of my own children. I also took them on photo shoots. My son Justin was happy to go to the new Traverse City Skate Park and be the subject for my photos to accompany the story.  Now, Justin is Daddy to my Grandson Otto who is lately, and often, the subject for many stories, including this issue.  I also get a kick when I can use my nieces’ and nephews’ photos (even former nieces and nephews) and photos of my friends’ children.

When you look through this issue, notice the kids in every picture speaking by their actions and expressions. Its life happening for them in a moment shared with the viewer. It is family.

Thanks for reading,

Laura Lee Kalchik


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