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It’s time to put away the lightweight t-shirts and shorts and to get out the bin of sweaters and turtlenecks. I squeezed every bit of summer I could into my activities and we still may get a few warm days before the continued cold ones. At any rate, when they hit I will have sweaters and warm clothing at hand.

This issue includes all things fall with harvest, Halloween, and Thanksgiving topics of more than one story. This is also our annual Baby Issue so we covered a variety of topics related to babies. This first time Gram was able to sneak a few photos of adorable grandson Otto – now 21 months – in a few of the stories (pages 10 & 11). And like every proud grandmother I include a photo here too. I was playing with him in the yard this summer and in true boy fashion he grabbed a stick.

Families First Monthly is pleased to have Annaka Hansen as our new Teen Talk writer. In her first column she tells us about her experience with her family hosting an exchange student from Spain.

I Wish to you a Happy Halloween and a Splendid Thanksgiving.

And thanks for reading this issue.

Laura Lee Kalchik

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